Trust In Love – James Gallagher

The Ties that Bind


There are bonds we make that tie us one to another,
to fates and lines in lifetimes that go on without design,
without regard to youth or age.
without regard to wisdom or folly,
without regard for the most long lived exemplary behavior
or the damage done.

That the bonds we make are of different natures is not shocking.
That the bonds we make are undone and yet never broken is mere fact.
That the bonds we make are of no consequence is absurd.
That the bonds we make are done and undone within
A void of consciousness is a day to day banal boring reality.
That the bonds we make are of devastating import is ignored.

Under the blinding darkness of youth there is an unholy covenant with time.
A bond of such weight and portent as to freeze the blood of the aged.
With the lightness of a feather adrift, life tosses itself with abandon.
With glee and frivolity, the ties that bind are cast in darkness.
And best it is too,
for if consideration were to be enforced,
from aged wisdom or from the youthful pains of life’s teachings,
all would stand as still as stone
as cold as victims of the Gorgon’s gaze
and bonds of any consequence or line
would never tie any solitary heart to any solitary heart.


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