Trust In Love – James Gallagher

The Book

Afterword: Beyond the Bucket List and Appendix

Afterword: Beyond the Bucket List and Appendix “I Still Believe in Love” This part of the story begins in November of 2016, the night of the Presidential election. I knew that the unexpected (by many) results were going to change the face of American politics, culture and life very badly[…]

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22 ‘Yea, this is where they did that one.’ Abbey Road Pam and I took a vacation to London and in advance of it I wrote to the Studio Manager of Abbey Road Studios asking if I could come by and take a look at the facilities. I never[…]

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Chapter 20 Part 2

Chapter 20 Part 2 I have produced or recorded and/or mixed a lot of other projects as well. One such group is Jaffna. What a unique group! They were, when I worked with them on their first project Acoustic Allies, an oud and sarod player of Palestinian descent, Roger Mgrdichian,[…]

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Chapter 21 Part 1

Chapter 21 Life is Good! Add Producer to the list “Kansas City” / “Trust in Love” / “Falling in Love” “Moon of Fire” and “I Don’t Wanna Know” Add Writer to the list “Days Go By” As life went on in my years back in Philly after Los Angeles and[…]

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Philly is my home. ‘…they pull me back in again!’ “Somebody Loves Me” / “When I Give My Love (This Time)” At first when I returned to Philly, I was not at all sure of what I would do next. I knew I was near my parents and[…]

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Headed East to the ‘Big Apple’ House of Hearts “Da Butt” I was finished with Los Angeles at a point where the money was in bad shape and money from working with Rory on the road was not nearly enough to afford to stay in Los Angeles. But[…]

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 LA LA Land “We Are the World” / Don’t leave without me. / “Gypsy Boy” La La Land, as Stevie loved to call it, was for me a place for lots of work and lots of play. Yes, I attended my fair share of parties while living there.[…]

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Go West Young Man! Wonderland “Overjoyed” The Bossa Nova Hotel and “Maniac(s)” The ‘Pope of Pop’ and Bossa Nova Hotel Well, that Christmas turned out to be a momentous one for me indeed. This has not been an account of my personal life but rather my professional one.[…]

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The album that wasn’t and the some that were “What You Gonna Do ‘bout My Lovin’” / “Put Your Body in It” Stevie and MYX Saying goodbye As a First Engineer I got to do a lot of cool projects in the many years at Sigma but one[…]

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Holdin’ My Own “Help Me, Somebody Please” / “Cry Together” Stevie keeps his word / Jermaine Jackson “Silly” My Melody After maybe seven or more years at Sigma, I had never received a single comment from my boss Joe Tarsia about my work. Maybe once in a while[…]

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