Trust In Love – James Gallagher

The Gray Album Bonus Tracks

  • 12th and Race

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  • Whispers in the Wind (Jack gtr)

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  • Whispers in the Wind (Dan)

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  • Whispers in the Wind (Duet)

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  • Whispers In the Wind (Bob)

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The Gray Album Notes:

This CD is in some ways 52 years in the making! I’ll explain that later.
I have a few comments I want everyone interested in my music and this new CD to know.

First of all on the front cover it says, ”THE JIM GALLAGHER”. I did that because Pam used to call me that: the. She said that to emphasize that she was married to me the guy that was known around as the teacher, administrator, and Grammy nominated audio guy as opposed to the President of a pharmacological college in West Philly who had the same name… I of course loved that and always got a kick out of it. So, I decided as we were making the cover to mimic the White Album by having the word The in front of my name and drop shadowed instead of embossed like the White Album…

Secondly, a shortcoming in the cover concept is that nowhere on the cover does it say how to find the credits. They are folded up in the middle pocket behind the picture of Pam. If you did not know that you would think that I was the biggest narcissistic ego maniac ever to make a CD with 30 songs featuring over a hundred musicians and singers without mentioning any of them… If you know me, you know that I could never do that!
So, all credits are on the folded poster (like there was in the White Album) behind Pam’s self-portrait in the center pocket between the 2 discs.

Next, there are a vast variety of recordings here that reach back literally 52 years (see the Author’s notes for “Since I Went Away”) and all over the place in between. There are live 2 track recordings of me and my guitar from way back and from 10 years ago, there are mono demos of tunes created in the 90s, songs produced in my classes at Rowan and two songs of which there are a number of tracks (different versions on the Bonus Track page) recorded since I lost Pam. This CD was held up by COVID 19 (during which time I found all the older things in my archives which along with the 4 long versions bumped this CD up to a double CD set) and the last year of Pam’s life. I finally have finished it and am very proud of it.

Lastly, we put a fake sticker on the front to list 5 of the more potentially successful tracks that I hope everyone will take the time to listen to. I have been working on this CD for almost a lifetime… Please take a little time to listen to it, at least the 5 that I point out on the sticker.

Whispers in the Wind was co-produced by Rustin Gallagher and Jim Gallagher.

Oh yea, Yoko or Paul, please sue me. I could use the publicity!

The Jim Gallagher


The Gray Album Bonus Tracks Notes:

12th and Race

This is a Tom Moulton Mix of “I Still Believe”. Tom is a dear friend, and I am lucky to have had
him do remix of my dance track. It really should get you up on your feet!

Whispers Jack

Here is an instrumental version of “Whispers in the Wind” featuring the soprano acoustic guitar
that Jack Klotz Jr. played on an early version of the song contributing most of the melody that
was used to write the lyrics to… This version is well worth it! Enjoy!

Whispers Daniel

I originally thought I wanted “Whispers in the Wind” to be sung by a male and I knew I was by
no means the one to do it. So I reached out to a friend who sang 2 songs on my previous CD
Daniel Kulisek. Here is his version. In reconnecting with him we began working on some of his
original material. Wait until you hear it!

Whispers Duet

As mentioned, I had used Daniel on my previous CD All About Love featured on this website
(check him out there too) and I created a duet with Carla Benson on that album as well. Here is
the duet of Whispers featuring Carla and Daniel together again.


Whispers Bob

As my son Rustin and I worked co-producing Whispers things were tried and ideas explored and
different elements of the song were experimented with…. One of Rustin’s ideas was to have
Bob Calo the original Lead singer and Lead guitarist in their band Sticktime try the electric guitar
solo and try singing the song as well. Here is that version. On the final version Bob is singing
background parts with Chris Holland and Rustin. Those 3 were the original band Skybox which
grew into Sticktime some 25 or so years ago.


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