Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Other Poetry


gone oh yes             my life is ticking away ticking away as the days                                                 minutes                                                             and seconds             slip past                                     gone                                                 never to return nothing holds fast             everything will pass pass into oblivion                                     pass away from memory[…]

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At First Sight

As children, seeing things for the first time was always exciting. There was so much wonder and delight in peeling away mystery like the layers of an onion. (What a surprise to find the third and fourth layers weren’t like paper anymore.)   “Brand new” wasn’t so hard to come[…]

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rings of hematite rings of jade hard but brittle rings of old rings of gold bands bonds firm but crystalline   circular manifestation rotating ramifications phases in fluxation seasons in secession seized and ceased scenes and dreams phobias and paranoias fits of weeping floods of joy   and laughter the[…]

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