Trust In Love – James Gallagher

At First Sight


As children, seeing things for the first time was always exciting.

There was so much wonder and delight

in peeling away mystery

like the layers of an onion.

(What a surprise to find the third and fourth layers

weren’t like paper anymore.)


“Brand new” wasn’t so hard to come by,

and once in a while like your first circus or carnival

there were many novel experiences at once.

(What a joy! There are so many more layers to this onion

and the flavor is so alive!)


As time passed the newness of the world wore away

and fewer and fewer things were fresh or undiscovered.

(You know, each of these layers is just the same only smaller.)


Our own curiosity had left us undone.

(The layers just run out and these tears can’t seem to be avoided.

No matter how I try.)


As the wisdom of growing older grew in us

we learned to appreciate the excitement of discovery

in people, not in things.


At first sight, each new face uplifts us.


At first sight our hearts still sing.


At first sight love will always implore us.


At first sight


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