Trust In Love – James Gallagher




Nocturnal traveller listen well to the frigid still air, but pause not. Ancient frigid moon remaining well past the dawn seeks the sun’s warmth too. The skeleton trees, stone-like earth…. is this garden where the crocus bloom? Wet sunless morning even my frozen willow seems that much sadder. Fluttering crystals[…]

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Can it really be….. That Fuji is capped with snow while I sit and sweat? Up I fell into a flowing sea of green…. just napping ‘neath an oak. Green and silver waves ripple and crash at my feet. Not the sea! Tall grass! This weary poet knows when to[…]

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Last night the frigid maples wrapped my garden in a yellow blanket. My neighbor’s mountain greets this morning adorned in many colored coats. Frozen harvest moon burdens the scarecrow’s shoulder…. quiet golden night. The fat golden moon had me transfixed ’till an owl’s quick flight broke its spell. Much too[…]

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Tender baby shoots undauntedly raise their heads kissed by morning snow. In every blossom and from every single leaf I sense God’s spirit. Brilliant daffodil! A hummingbird’s cup or a couch for napping bees? Soft, white, ashen sky proclaims the uncertainty of the new morning. Wonder of wonders! This cold[…]

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RIVER HAIKU Each morning I see another mysterious face of the river. Sometimes I wonder just what morning is hiding under mists and fog. The river’s deep, black, secret shadows are darker than the night itself. Torquois and silver in the sunset’s icy spell… the river shimmers. Old friends met[…]

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THE LONG JOURNEY JAPANESE POETRY FORMS by J P GALLAGHER * All photographs in this section are by Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe. FOR THOSE WHO LISTEN ….. AND BELIEVE.© JPG FALL1991 Click On The Season to Read The Poem.   Spring Fall Summer Senyru Winter     * All photographs in this[…]

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