Trust In Love – James Gallagher




Each morning I see
another mysterious
face of the river.

Sometimes I wonder
just what morning is hiding
under mists and fog.

The river’s deep, black,
secret shadows are darker
than the night itself.

Torquois and silver
in the sunset’s icy spell…
the river shimmers.

Old friends met again
the sky, river, sunshine and
this old grateful fool.




For William Daniel McCann

The long night of moans
yields to joyful cries of life….
Welcome my new son!

Of all the new things
fresh this spring; you are the most
welcome….tiny child.

Nine moons full and gone
I’ve waited for this special harvest….
to hold my new son.

Tiny tiny, hands….
Already you hold our hearts….
O joy of new life!




For My Son, Rustin

Tall willowy child
your spring turns into summer
before my proud eyes.

Constant companion
to my weary willow…. flow….
flow…. mighty river.

Why does God create
one small, solitary cloud
in a clear blue sky?




Sleeping in my arms
nothing gives me peace of mind
like my infant child.

Still, this ceaseless storm
batters down both my soul and
this weary willow.

The eyes of the child
sparkle almost as much as
do the grandparent’s.




The pain of heartache….
The sweet soaring joy of love….
these are life’s seasons.
Oh how fair the summer’s sun
and how cruel the winter’s bite.

Warmly sheltered in
loving arms, the humblest
hearth is richest blessed.

Nothing is sadder
than heartbreak stealing sparkle
from the eyes of love.




For Michael and Gwen

When young and in love
spring is always in your hearts
and time stands quite still.

How your heart races
and your eyes sparkle when you
see the one you love!

Lovely smiling eyes…
your beauty goes far beneath…
to your open heart.
For Pam 10/3/89

All that is and all
that ever is to be says
you are right for me.

Of all that I see…. !
Vast, open space, sky…. Nothing
compares to your touch.

Haiku by Pam Mammarella
I do believe that
there is magic in these hills
and in my love’s heart.




For Michael and Gwen

Oh this special day!
Petals, veils, vows, joy and love
bind this sweet union.

Joy, tears, smiles of
the glowing bride…. most of all:
love surrounds us all.




How very precious
each tiny memory when
life is touched by death.



Haiku For Thiele

How frail we are…. and
life so fleeting…. this blossom
gone; but not forgotten.

Every drop of rain;
another memory…. yet
each heartbeat; a tear.




Let each falling leaf
tell us: remember spring…. life’s
eternal cycle.

With love and fond remembrance 11/4/86




Spring 1965

The Long Journey

Oh how long I’ve walked
and proud of it, till I met
a man returning.




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