Trust In Love – James Gallagher



Tender baby shoots
undauntedly raise their heads
kissed by morning snow.

In every blossom
and from every single leaf
I sense God’s spirit.

Brilliant daffodil!
A hummingbird’s cup or a
couch for napping bees?

Soft, white, ashen sky
proclaims the uncertainty
of the new morning.

Wonder of wonders!
This cold world has made it through
to see the crocus!

Cascading petals
floating on a gentle wind
Join my dancing feet.

Stretched out in the sun
magnolia blossoms and I….
await the iris.

The purple, yellow
and greens are not diminished
by the harsh cold rain.

God makes days like
this so you could bask in glory
warm ruby tulip.

This dew splashed morning….
tell me lonely pansy face,
please; your tear or mine?

Shining as brilliant
as the eyes of a child….
blossoms in the rain.

I’ll never get home
if each bright blossom stops me
with heavenly scents.

What joy God bestows
when on his canvas of sky
He brushes such clouds.




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