Trust In Love – James Gallagher



I remember Elvis
and I remember John,
even Jim the Lizard
and I remember Kong.

I recall lots of kings
and how their messages live on.

I remember Frankie
and I remember Bing.
Some remember Rudy
and some say Buddy was king.

I remember pop stars
and how they once could sing.

I remember Bonnie
and I remember Clyde,
and there was Dillinger
and Ma Barker’s pride.

I remember heroes
loved just because of how they died.
Yet I recall heroes
because of what they were inside.

I remember Gandhi
and Martin Luther King,
and the words of Jesus.
The message was the thing.

I remember heroes
from back when peace and love were king.

Don’t act like a gangster or a star to be a king.
To be real life heroes use courage that’s the thing.
That which makes a hero
is making peace and love be king.


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