Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Across the Distance


Across the distance I am reaching out to you.
With every means, I am calling you.
As if directly from my mind to yours I could speak.
As if through the granite mountains and the city’s noise
you could hear.
How often have you listened?
Have I ever touched you?
Have my thoughts ever coiled around you,
seeped into you to whisper to your heart,
“Think of me and smile”?
Have you ever whispered back
“I am here, I reach out for you too.”?
Your whispers would writhe and engulf me,
on encircling wires dancing to the music of our harmony,
our thoughts like charmed serpents
would entwine and collapse upon each other
from the pregnant weight of our burdened words
and wind and fuse into each other the electric sensation
of contact;
only wished.
Across the distance I am reaching out to you.


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