Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Cool-Not Cool


Cool-Not Cool.

Just think of all we have suffered

to be cool or not to be cool?

All the broken hearts-

all the broken bones-

all the broken spirits-

all the damaged livers-

all the butchered psyches-

all the brain cells sacrificed

at the altar of

Cool-Not Cool.

I used to think we were capable of growing out of it-

the anger of youth-

the insecurity of puberty-

the pressure to conform-

the competition of the work place-

the conflicts of

the sexes-

the races-

the political fools-

the nations and peoples who war.

I used to believe that the answer was

the power of knowledge-

the satisfaction of understanding-

the wisdom of age.

And now it seems so foolish to wish

to be or not to be

Cool-Not Cool.



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