Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Passing it on


There is a tread that passes


                                                          through time.


A long, intimate lineage that is often of the blood

                                                          yet just as often not.


It reaches out from one of us to another

          though love-

        shared desire-

                            a compulsion-

                                      for the weaving of the fabric of our lives.


Once traditions dictated

                  the passage of those secrets 

                                                          and rites of legacy.


Today it is happenstance.

Yet still it occurs.


In my life I stand at the middle ground.


I have seen with the eyes of the eager- the hungry- the awestruck.

And I have seen with the eyes of the aged master-

                      Guiding-        gently-    the youthful hand.


It’s about how human kind preserves legacy- perseveres- survives.

It’s about life.


It’s about passing it on.


Passing on that of true worth-

        on- down the long invisible thread-

                                                woven through the fabric-

                                                                                        of time.


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