Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Marked and Unmarked


rain clouds off to the right

dull and darken afternoon skies

portent of the gathering distant storm

blue and green signs

off to the left beckon

towards tranquil recreation areas


time killers

C’mon, dear, the kids’ll love it, ‘n’ we could use some peace and quiet.

brown signs direct to the right

to the memorials and battlefields

where were made the greatest number of

widows and orphans and grieving others

by those who held the high ground

their cries still rang out in the minds of the visitors

“The High Ground… Hold for the High Ground…”

Oooohh, Daddy, do we hafta?

Aw, shaddup Sis, gees Dad, she never wansa do nutin’ cool.

they died for the high ground

and now the high ground passes by on the right

looking no different from the interstate

than the next rolling Virginia hill except this one’s spotted with

the occasional marble marker and that one’s spotted with

the occasional cow

C’mon, Honey, the kids’ll really love it!

‘N’ it’ll teach ‘em a little ‘bout the war

there are so many brown signs on this interstate

they seem to come almost every exit

named after another hill

covered in graves



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