Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Methadone Monday


lines waiting outside the center

lines nervously waiting to enter

lines in old faces inside and out

lines in young faces they can’t figure out

lines of many who just cannot wait anymore

lines of a few who got there from some war

lines of some who suffer from somebody’s wrath

lines of many who simply took the wrong path

lines that affect all those, who love these men and these women

who come around every time, every time that it’s given

given out to dispel all the pain and the aches

and the cravings that can’t seem to ever abate

if you knew, how that hunger, that pain and that craving went

then you too would be there in line on that pavement

waiting to get what might help for awhile

waiting in line without ever a smile

wondering if ever you can stay clean forever

waiting in line on methadone monday forever and ever and ever and ever


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