Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Spinning at the Wedding


Sister Sue spinning at her wedding!
So alive!
Alive as ever I should be,
as alive as ever anyone should be.
Spinning, spinning, spraying out joy,
raining it all over all of us, all around her.
Spinning, flooding the room and
filling every heart within her glow with love.
Wayne, the mildly nervous groom,
nervous only about the guests and the gathering,
stands rooted in calm,
in peace
and in the light of their secure, certain love.
Each time they touch or sparkle each other’s eyes
his calm deepens, and worries wash away.
Swept away as he joins her
spinning around and around each other,
always and ever-glowing,
floating on the joy
which weaves and entwines the hearts and love
of everyone who is carried away with them,
adrift in the bliss of spinning-
the spinning on sister Sue’s wedding day!


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