Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Easter Morning


Nurtured by the gentle April rains
their heads bobbing in the soft sunny breeze
the joyful jonquils speak the language of memory.

Only last year she graced us
with all the joy and warmth of her
always giving and unfaltering heart.

The glory of the sunshine
and the wonderful graciousness
of neighbors, friends and relatives
yet somehow
are found lacking.

Only a heartbeat away from being awash in a sea of tears
only a heartbeat away from an orgy of laughter and love.

Oh, Mother how we miss you!
Oh, Mother how we feel you here today!
All here are stronger for who you were
happier for who you were
the better and more rich of spirit and soul
for who you were for us
and how you nurtured us
like the softness of the morning sun
and the gentle April rains.

For you we carry on.
You will live on in every one of our hearts
risen again
like our undying love and joy
like the dancing daffodils
like Easter morning.


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