Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Every Fall I Remember…


Every Fall I Remember..
Every fall I remember…
Every fall there is a day just like that day.
Every fall I remember the bright crisp blue sky
and the light reflecting everywhere-
reflecting into the 8 mm home movie camera-
reflecting in their eyes-
reflecting from her roses-
reflecting from the Lincoln-
reflecting from the halo of blood and brain at frame 313-
reflecting from the piece of his skull as it danced across the trunk.

And I remember a time
before that moment
when people had more faith-
when people had more dreams-
when most people actually had ideals.

Every fall I still remember-
like a prayer, not quite whispered, but said to bless us-
like a plea, never really spoken, but made to save us.
At exactly 12:31 Central Standard Time,
I remember how much the world has changed-
changed direction-
lost it’s way.

Every fall I remember
because despite the long shadow of that dark moment,
cast from then to now,
I see a bright crisp blue sky
and I remember.

Written 11/22/94, on the thirtieth remembrance.


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