Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Lucy Malia Singles

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Single Note

Lucy walked into an evening recording workshop I taught at The University of the Arts one night and was one of the artists we recorded that semester. From the moment she opened her mouth in front of the microphone (for the first time ever in a studio by the way) I knew she was special. She improvised harmonies on the spot, nailed complete performances without almost ever punching in… not to mention write, arrange and produce the song! I asked her to sing a tune for me after the conclusion of that class and we continue to work together today. Lucy sings 3 songs on my “Trust In Love” CD and has one more of mine “in the can” which will be on my next CD. But here are 2 of her songs she let me produce which she co-wrote with Nick DiBlasio. There are other songs of hers “in the can” too and more that we will do next time she comes back from Bermuda. As an aside, I love the electric guitar work on these songs by Jack Klotz a lot! On “Bang, Bang!” he plays my favorite solo he has ever done for me and I have asked him for quite a few! And his slide work on “I Don’t Wanna Know” was the really sweet finishing touch to that tune. But listen to Lucy sing! Wow! Enjoy!


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