Trust In Love – James Gallagher

I Still Believe (in Love)

  • I Still Believe (in Love)




Production notes

Thanks to Jack Klotz Jr., Joe Kraus, Pam Mammarella, Jojo Arvanitis and all the friends and families who contributed their time and voices to this song.

This song is dedicated to Bassist extraordinaire and friend Jimmy Williams.



Production Credits

  • James Gallagher

  • Recorded in Temple University’s Studio “G” by Joe Kraus

  • Vocals, Sax and Synths Recorded in The Vinyl Room Moorestown, NJ

  • Mixed by Jim Gallagher and Paul Prithard in the Gatehouse Studio at Abbey Road Studios London England

  • Mastered by Joe Kraus




  • Carla Benson

  • The New MFSB

  • Keith Benson

  • Jimmy Williams

  • Dennis Harris

  • T. Life

  • Eugene “Lambchop” Curry

  • Ron Kerber

  • Carla Benson

  • Jim Gallagher



Background Vocals

  • Carla Benson, Pam Mammarella, Susan Virginia Mammarella, Mary Mammarella, Frances Mammarella, Jessica Mammarella, Mike Cooper, Chris Pietrefitta, Danielle Campbell, Colleen Jacoby, Francesco Sgrazzutti, Meagan Debrito, Ghazal Lajevardi, Tom Spokas, Kate Shapero, Carolina Maugeri, Carl Johns, Emily Farrell, Neil Arot, Bob Wagner, April Iorio and Dave Fecca (of April Mae and the June Bugs), Jessica Carroll, Dennis DiBlasio, Anne DiBlasio, Ryan Vander Wielon, James Becker, Elizabeth Hahn, Jeff Otto (of Boris Garcia), Chuck McCrory and Jim Gallagher.

  • Paloma Sappho Mammarella, Christian Mammarella-Pietrefitta, Laci Jacoby, Leila Jacoby, Cameron Campbell, Christopher Campbell, Aki Mir, Pearl Stokas, Dario Lajevardi Sgrazzutti, Amias Debrito Straub, Gabrielle Loren Watlington, Cameren Jade Morris, Jasmine Cherie Priestly, George Preston Watlington III, Cameron Joel Priestly, Bettyann Howard, Arthur Howard, Leah Howard, Penny Howard.



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