Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Falling In Love First Demo

  • Falling In Love First Demo

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Production note

I wrote these words to Angela Falco’s wonderful melody on the very night that she gave me a cassette demo with piano flute and synth strings. As soon as I could, I got Sue Mammarella to sing the first to that track. That recording is included in this website because as unique as the live recording was there was something very special about Sue’s first demo… I’m not sure if it was her harmony track or the just the simplicity of that version but somehow it was special enough to include for everyone to hear as well. As in years gone by, this first track on the CD was recorded live in AIPH’s Studio 705 with 17 musicians and singers. Every note of music here was performed in the same room at once except Chris Farr’s Soprano sax that was in an isolation booth. Vocals were attempted live in other isolation areas but later replaced by Carla Benson in less than 2 hours.


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