Trust In Love – James Gallagher

Angela Falco Single




  • All compositions by Angela Falco (except ** Paul Simon/Art Garfunkle-Paul Simon).

  • Produced, engineered and mixed by Jim Gallagher.

  • Angel Falco

  • Ted Greenberg

  • Ted Greenberg, Jeff Mulherin and Tom Basmajian.

  • Recorded at Ted’s Toyland Studios, Absecon NJ ProTools Assembly by Joe Kraus.

  • Mastering by Peter Humphreys at Masterworks Phila. PA.

  • Photo by Mimi Feldman.




  • TRACK : Precious, Precious Time I

  • TRACK : Unforgotten Toys

  • TRACK : Soundtrack To My Heart

  • TRACK : Little Star

  • TRACK : Hesitant Love

  • TRACK : Darkness Into Day

  • TRACK : Distant Thoughts*

  • TRACK : Anna (To All Our Mothers)

  • TRACK : Precious, Precious Time II

  • TRACK : Winter’s Flight

  • TRACK : I Would If I Could

  • TRACK : Much Too Much

  • TRACK : Precious, Precious Time III

  • TRACK : Forbidden Innocence

  • TRACK : Not Gonna Be Lonely Anymore

  • TRACK : Medley (Scarborough Fair/Canticle-Sound of Silence**)

  • TRACK : Precious, Precious Time IV



Angela Falco note

I would like to express my deepest thanks to my producer, Jim Gallagher for his inspiration, Peter Humphreys, Ted Greenberg for his talent and his support, Jeff Mulherin, Tom Basmajian, Joe Kraus, Dan Levinson,Jim and Anna Falco, Duky, Dianne, Johnny and Nealy Ann. Added thanks to Connie, Gloria, Joanne, Caryn, Sheila, Dr. Fink, Joan Kupferberg for the gift of the piano, Bob Fowler, Joe Mancini, Peter Reichlin and the boys-Vinnie, Frankie and Greg.



Copyright 1993 Angela Falco, Hey Pook! Music (except **) BMI

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