Trust In Love – James Gallagher

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Chapter 1 Part 2

Logo created by Arthur Stoppe The day arrived for my interview at 212 N.12th Street (the address of Sigma Sound Studios) and I interviewed with Harry. I definitely felt a bit of an edge to my attitude and approach to the interview because I was asking questions like “Is this[…]

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Chapter 1 Part 1

Inside the Philly Sound (My Time in the Music Business) by James P. Gallagher Copyright © 2021 Edited by Vince Warsavage Photo: Arthur Stoppe Dedicated to my loving, brilliant and supportive wife Palmina Mammarella, without whom I would never have made it this far. Nor would I have written this[…]

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At First Sight

As children, seeing things for the first time was always exciting. There was so much wonder and delight in peeling away mystery like the layers of an onion. (What a surprise to find the third and fourth layers weren’t like paper anymore.)   “Brand new” wasn’t so hard to come[…]

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rings of hematite rings of jade hard but brittle rings of old rings of gold bands bonds firm but crystalline   circular manifestation rotating ramifications phases in fluxation seasons in secession seized and ceased scenes and dreams phobias and paranoias fits of weeping floods of joy   and laughter the[…]

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