Trust In Love – James Gallagher


Wrote All About Love song, played it for Rus and we said “SO John Lennon”! I said “let’s do it as a Beatle production.” I asked Rus and Greg Stoffa his cousin to cut the basic track with Scott Rouba on drums and we cut it one weekend when a ton of family was around. After adding some other instruments we had everyone there come down in the studio and sing the chorus. My grandchildren Katie and Ryan Gallagher and nephew Christian Mammarella-Pietrafetta (age 6, 3 and 3 respectively at that time) can be hear prominently on the sing-a-long tracks. I had taught them the song on previous visits playing it and singing it together so that they could join right in with the adults and get it right away. Rus’s idea to add the fake horns in the bridge is fantastic (so Sergeant Pepper!)! I have kidded that if Paul McCartney were ever to hear this song, he would pick up his phone and say “Get my lawyer on the line!” Anyway, it is our homage to the greatest band ever. Hope you like the CD insert, thanks Jeff Otto of Boris Garcia for the idea!


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