Trust In Love – James Gallagher


Vickie and Rus

I made this video as a wedding present to my son Rus and his wonderful bride Vickie. It was still photos of the 2 of them growing up put to music by the Beatles that they selected. Here is the last minute so of the quick cut finale. The wedding[…]

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St. Lucy Day School for the Visually-Impaired

This was the first production undertaken by Pam n’ Me Productions. Pam Mammarella and I co-produced and co-directed this video documentary about Saint Lucy Day School for the Blind. It was funded by Comcast and prompted by Bill McCann. Bill was a graduate of Saint Lucy’s and returned there to[…]

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Associated Services for the Blind

This Comcast-funded work was a documentary that showed the many services provided by Associated Services for the Blind (ASB) This 27-minute video highlighted the programs and facilities offered by this Philadelphia-based organization. Original music was written, performed and produced by visually-challenged composers and musicians.

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What more can be said about a man who completes his music degree, does computer training, runs the payroll department of a major oil company, has his own jazz band, married a beautiful musician, has three fantastic kids, and has the most fantastic sense of humor I’ve ever known? Well,[…]

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The Long Journey

This was the 16mm B&W student film I made as an undergraduate. Like most undergraduate work when you look at it today you wish it was a lot better. I based this film on Haiku poetry (Japanese) written by me (American of Irish/Italian descent) acted by a Korean in traditional[…]

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This experimental video was my “horror” movie. It commented on the real horrors that have occurred within the times of our living memory (i.e., during the lifetimes of people alive today) Why is most of the worst of it always humanity’s crimes against itself?

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